Rebuild Safe Nepal

We Rebuild Safe houses in rural Nepal!

– in a New Way that is both WOW, WOW & WOW!


This New Way will be a SUSTAINABLE solution to Rural Nepal.

It is important for people not to end up in slum shacks like many in Haiti. It is equally important not to repeat the mistake of using mud bricks in the old way that will not withstand future earthquakes.

Haiti slum

Say no to Slum Shacks like in Haiti!

This New Way is revolutionary, yet simple like LEGO!

Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 14.05.00


This New Way uses a Portable Manual Brick Maker to make compressed interlocking bricks out of local material (even reusing parts of destroyed houses) and soil mixed with a little bit of cement. In this way a permanent house will become affordable for poor people.

It will take less time to build since no mortar is used in between the bricks. This method does not require the same level of skills. More local people can be involved in building houses and it will take less time.

The design of the interlocking bricks will make houses earthquake resilient. The bricks are interlocking each other and at the same time are a little bit flexible. The option of vertical and horizontal reinforcement will make houses earthquake Safe.



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We Rebuild Nepal in a new way that is Affordable, Quick and Safe